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A Small Business Lawyer Dedicated to You

Bross Law, LLC is owned and managed by Mark A. Bross, an Ivy-league educated business lawyer who excelled at some of the biggest and best Boston law firms, and was named a Massachusetts Super Lawyer in 2018 and 2019 and a Super Lawyer Rising Star from 2013-2017.   Mark is an experienced small business lawyer who helps businesses and individuals anticipate and solve complex legal problems that can significantly impact their businesses, families and lives. 
Small businesses  are often overlooked in the Boston and Massachusetts legal market.  They  are unable or unwilling to pay the legal fees charged by big firms in Boston and their legal needs go unmet.  Bross Law, LLC solves this problem by providing the skills and expertise of an Ivy-league educated attorney with Boston big firm experience at more affordable small firm prices.  Mark will help solve your legal problems so that you can move on to more important goals in business and life.
Bross Law, LLC can help in the following areas:  Business formation, Contracts, Intellectual Property, Employee issues, commercial litigation, and other areas.   To find out more about how the firm can help you, please click on the practice area links below or contact us.   
Bross Law, LLC has law offices in Boston and the South Shore of Massachusetts.  The firm provides world-class customer service and outstanding legal advice to make the experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.  World-class customer service means that your call or inquiry will be promptly returned and you never pay to talk to an attorney about your case or potential case.   World-class customer service also means that Mark will meet you wherever is most convenient for you.  Please call or use the contact link below to schedule a free initial consultation.      

Law Office Locations

Bostonbusiness lawyer boston
1 International Place,
Suite 1400,
Boston, MA 02110
t: 617-785-5625


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