While Bross Law, LLC focuses primarily on Business Formation and Sales, Contracts, Intellectual Property, Employment Issues, and Business Disputes, you may need legal services that do not fit into these categories.  Not a problem!  We still might be able to help!  As a small business lawyer, Mark A. Bross Ph.D., Esq. helps business in many different ways such as:

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In this day and age, almost every business has a publicly available website on the internet.  Websites are great tools for marketing and customer interaction, but create a whole host of issues regarding copyright, privacy protection, and potential liability for false and deceptive advertising.

Some of the services provided by Bross Law, LLC with respect to your website include:

  • Analyze business website to assess sufficiency of terms and conditions of use, privacy policy, disclaimers, copyright, and other legal issues
  • Draft terms and conditions of use for website that protects your business
  • Draft privacy policy that accurately reflects the types of personal information collected by your website and business
  • Ensure copyright protection and register copyright if needed.
  • Prosecute or defend any civil lawsuit or government investigation over your website


Many startup businesses need to obtain licenses and permits in order to operate.  The required licenses/permits can be from the U.S. federal government, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, or your local town.  As a small business lawyer, Mark A. Bross, Ph.D., Esq. and Bross Law, LLC can help you identify the necessary licenses and permits and help you obtain them. 

Some of the most common types include:

  • Liquor License
  • Common Victualler License
  • Cosmetology and Barbering License
  • DBA Certificate
  • And others

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Privacy & Data Security

Any business that collects the personal information of customers or accepts credit cards is at risk of a data breach. Breaches are extraordinarily costly and can lead to the loss of customer good will, reputation, as well as unwanted lawsuits and government investigations.

Bross Law, LLC can help assess your risks, protect your business and help you comply with applicable laws.

Some of the services provided by Bross Law, LLC  include:

  • Assess data security and privacy practices to determine compliance with Massachusetts and applicable federal laws
  • Draft privacy policy, written information security plan, incident response plan, and other essential privacy and data security documents
  • Review PCI/DSS Self-Assessment and assist in preparing annual reviews and ongoing monitoring
  • Analyze information retention and destruction practices and draft information retention/destruction policy

Government Investigations/White Collar Defense

Are you or your company under government investigation for a white collar crime? You should immediately consult with a knowledgeable and experienced white collar defense attorney to understand your rights, begin your defense, and minimize the potential harm to your liberty, reputation, career, and family.

Bross Law, LLC focuses on helping individuals and businesses that are being investigated by the government for white collar crimes. Mark A. Bross, Ph.D., Esq. is an Ivy-league educated white collar defense lawyer.  He trained with some of the best white collar defense attorneys in Massachusetts, and has years of experience in successfully defending individuals and corporations.  He excels at understanding the factual and legal issues surrounding your case in order to avoid potential minefields and devise the best strategy for your defense.  The primary goal in white collar defense cases is to avoid having criminal charges filed.  If charges are brought, however, Bross Law, LLC will vigorously defend you and fight to have the charges dismissed, reduced, or have you found not guilty.


Bross Law, LLC can help in the following areas: Business Formation & Sales, Contracts, Employment Issues, Intellectual Property, Business Disputes, and Other. To find out more about how the firm can help you, please click on the practice area links below or contact us.

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