Contracts are the lifeblood of your business.  Every business needs a good set of contracts that are specific to their business needs and legally enforceable.  Their primary purpose is to memorialize a business deal and make it clear what both parties are expected to do.  Contracts should also protect your business, however, in the event that the deal falls through or either party fails to live up to the agreement.  Many business owners use contracts downloaded from the internet (or borrowed from someone else). This is big mistake because the contracts are of often not appropriate to the business or not enforceable.

The business contract your small business needs will vary. Some of the options include:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”)/Confidentiality Agreement.  Agreement with third-parties (employees or other businesses) to protect confidential information and prevent disclosure/use.
  • Employee Contract.  Agreement with employees.  Establishes terms and conditions of employment and any benefits that employee is receiving.
  • Non-Solicitation Agreement/Non-compete Agreement.  Agreement with employees or contractors.  Prevents them from soliciting business from your customers, hiring your employees, or working for a competing business.
  • Customer/Client Contract.  Agreement with customers or clients.  Should describe the products/services your business is providing, delivery/service date, payment terns, and other critical information.
  • Vendor/Supplier Contracts.  Agreement with your vendors or supplies.  Should identify the goods/services being provided by your vendors/suppliers, delivery dates, payment terms, and other critical information.
  • Website Terms and Conditions.  Agreement on your website for all website visitors.  Should describe the products/services being offered on your website, identify individuals to contact in the event of a problem, and contain appropriate disclaimers to limit potential liability.
  • Website Privacy Policy.  Agreement on your website that that specifies the type of personal information collected by your website and business.  These policies are mandatory if you advertise on Facebook or Google  and in various other circumstances.

Some of the ways that Bross Law, LLC and Mark A. Bross, Ph.D., Esq. can help include:

  • Review current contracts to assess whether they adequately protect your business needs, comply with applicable laws and are enforceable.
  • Draft and negotiate a wide variety of business contracts, such as service contracts, Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements, asset purchase agreements, licenses, third party vendor contracts, software contracts, leases, and others.
  • Resolve any contract commercial disputes.

A pen on a contract paper.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Mark A. Bross, Ph.D., Esq. has extensive experience as a contract attorney and contract review attorney and can help you decide what contracts are truly needed for your business and make sure that they work for your business.

Bross Law, LLC offers affordable flat rates to draft or review contracts.  Contact us for your free initial consultation and to discuss your business. All services are completely confidential and remote and can be completed by phone, video conferencing (if needed) or by email. And of course,  you can also meet in-person with Mark A. Bross, Ph.D., Esq if you prefer!


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