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Bross Law, LLC is dedicated to helping small to mid-sized businesses protect and grow their business at a fair and reasonable price.  Whether you are just starting up, expanding, established, or looking to get out of the business, I want to help.

Bross Law, LLC can help protect your business in the following areas:

Startup/Entity Formation

business law - Bross Law, LLCStarting up your business is an exciting and nerve-wracking time.   Endless tasks need attention in order to get your business up and running.

One essential task that cannot be overlooked is choosing the right corporate entity.  The right entity depends on different factors such as the number of owners and investors, business management plans, tax considerations, limited liability concerns, and long-term plans for the business.

Some of the ways Bross Law, LLC can help include:

    • Help you choose the right name for our business
    • Help you choose the appropriate legal entity for your business, whether it be a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability partnership, limited liability corporation, C Corporation, or S corporation
    • Draft by-laws, operating agreements, certificates of organization, partnership agreements or declarations of trust
    • Obtain tax/employer ID number (EINs)
    • Register business name with appropriate state organization
    • Issue and prepare stock certificates
    • Organize first meeting of shareholders/directors and take minutes
    • Resolve any shareholder or member disputes

Bross Law, LLC has affordable package rates for any of these tasks.  If your business is already established, I can also review what your business has been doing to make sure that you are keeping all appropriate records and the corporate form is still protecting you.  There are lots of stories where the corporate veil get pierced or a business cannot taken on new investors because the business was not set up or maintained properly.  Don’t let this be you! Make sure that your corporate form serves your short and long term business plans and needs.

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contract lawyer - Bross Law, LLCContracts are the lifeblood of your business.  Their primary purpose is to memorialize a business deal and make it clear what both parties are expected to do.  Contracts should also protect your business, however, in the event that the deal falls through or either party fails to live up to the agreement.  The needs of every business and every deal differ, so contracts downloaded from the internet or copied from another business often fail to adequately protect your business.

    • Some of the ways that Bross Law, LLC can help include: Review current contracts to assess whether they adequately protect your business needs and comply with applicable state and federal laws
    • Draft and negotiate a wide variety of business contracts, such as service contracts, sales agreements, purchase agreements, licenses, third party vendor contracts, software contracts, leases, and others
    • Resolve any contract commercial disputes

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Intellectual Property

business law intellectual property, Bross Law, LLCIntellectual property is an immensely valuable asset of your business that should be protected so it can continue to add value to your business.  The protection needed depends on the type of intellectual property involved (patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret) and what you plan to do with the intellectual property.  Each type of intellectual property needs different protection to prevent others from using it without your permission.

Some of the ways Bross Law, LLC can help protect your intellectual property include:

  • Assess and evaluate your current intellectual property and advise you about the best protections for your patent, trademark, copyright, or trade secret
  • Review, analyze, draft and file federal and state trademark applications
  • Review, analyze, draft and file copyright registrations
  • Draft non-disclosure and non-confidentiality agreements
  • Negotiate and draft patent, trademark and software licensing agreements
  • Prosecute or defend any intellectual property commercial disputes Business Directory

Employment Issues

business law employment issues, Bross Law, LLCHiring employees or contractors is a monumental step for a business.  It dramatically increases your risk, as there are numerous state and federal laws and regulations governing all aspects of employment from hiring through firing.  You also want your employees to know what’s expected of them so that your business needs are met and customers satisfied.

Some of the ways Bross Law, LLC can help protect your business with respect to employment issues include:

  • Assess current workplace policies, employment applications, employee handbooks, employment agreements, and others to advise about complying with Massachusetts and applicable federal laws
  • Draft employment applications, employment agreements, restrictive covenants (non-competition, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure), workplace policies, and other documents
  • Draft employee handbooks
  • Conduct employee training seminars
  • Assess and evaluate termination procedures and documentation
  • Prosecute or defend any employment dispute


Privacy & Data Security

business law data privacy, Bross Law, LLCAny business that collects the personal information of customers or accepts credit cards is at risk of a data breach. Breaches are extraordinarily costly and can lead to the loss of customer good will, reputation, as well as unwanted lawsuits and government investigations.

Bross Law, LLC specializes in Data Privacy and Cyber Liability and can assess your risks, protect your business and help you comply with applicable laws.

Some of the services provided by Bross Law, LLC  include:

  • Assess data security and privacy practices to determine compliance with Massachusetts and applicable federal laws
  • Draft privacy policy, written information security plan, incident response plan, and other essential privacy and data security documents
  • Review PCI/DSS Self-Assessment and assist in preparing annual reviews and ongoing monitoring
  • Analyze information retention and destruction practices and draft information retention/destruction policy
  • Resolve any data privacy and security disputes



business law website, Bross Law, LLCIn this day and age, almost every business has a publicly available website on the internet.  Websites are great tools for marketing and customer interaction, but create a whole host of issues regarding copyright, privacy protection, and potential liability for false and deceptive advertising.

Some of the services provided by Bross Law, LLC with respect to your website include:

  • Analyze business website to assess sufficiency of terms and conditions of use, privacy policy, disclaimers, copyright, and other legal issues
  • Draft terms and conditions of use for website that protects your business
  • Draft privacy policy that accurately reflects the types of personal information collected by your website and business
  • Ensure copyright protection and register copyright if needed.
  • Prosecute or defend any civil lawsuit or government investigation over your website


Commercial Real Estate

business law commercial real estate, Bross Law, LLCBuying, selling, leasing or financing commercial real estate is a big transaction that has long term effects on your business.

Some of the ways Bross Law, LLC helps protect your best interests with respect to commercial real estate include:

  • Negotiate, draft and review purchase and sale contracts
  • Resolve title, financing, lien or any other issues that may arise from purchase agreement to closing
  • Represent business at closing
  • Negotiate, draft and review commercial leasing agreements in office, retail or industrial developments
  • Secure appropriate approvals for land zoning issues

Bross Law, LLC offers flat fees for most of these services that are reasonably predictable.  Please see the fees page for more information.  If your needed transaction is not listed, please ask and I will provide a reasonable estimate of the cost. If the transaction is too complex to reasonably estimate, you can choose to pay me hourly at the affordable rate of $250 per hour.   My goal is to make this process as easy and painless as possible for your business so you can continue to operate your business.

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