Business Formation & Sales

Starting a new business or buying a new business in Massachusetts is exciting and stressful!  An experienced business formation attorney and startup business attorney like Mark A. Bross, Ph.D., Esq. of Bross Law, LLC can help relieve your stress and get your business started right.  Bross Law, LLC helps in the following areas:

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Business Entity Selection

A critical decision for every new business is selecting the right type of entity for operating the business.  There are many choices:  Sole Proprietorship (“D/B/A”); Limited Liability Company (“LLC”); Corporation (“C” corporation or “S” corporation); and others (such as a partnership or limited partnership).

Each option has positives and negatives. Any of them can be the right choice depending your business goals and preferences.

Some important factors to consider when choosing a business entity are:

  • The number of owners/investors in the business
  • Citizenship of the owners/investors
  • Whether the owners/investors are actively involved in the business
  • What the owners/investors are contributing to the business (cash, property, services, etc.)
  • Whether the owners/investors will be paid a regular salary
  • Whether the owners/investors want to shield other assets from liability
  • Long term plans for the business
  • Tolerance for structure and formality
  • Securities law exemptions
  • Tax considerations

Some of the ways Bross Law, LLC can help include:

  • Help you choose the right name for our business
  • Help you choose the appropriate legal entity for your business, whether it be a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability partnership, limited liability corporation (LLC), C Corporation, or S corporation.  Corporations and LLC’s are the most popular choices and  Mark A. Bross, Ph.D., Esq. is an experienced corporation formation attorney and LLC formation attorney.
  • Draft by-laws, operating agreements, certificates of organization, partnership agreements or declarations of trust
  • Obtain tax/employer ID number (EINs)
  • Register business name with appropriate state organization
  • Issue and prepare stock certificates
  • Organize first meeting of shareholders/directors and take minutes
  • Resolve any shareholder or member disputes

Bross Law, LLC offers affordable flat rates for these services.  Contact us now for your free initial consultation! All business entity formation services are completely remote and can be discussed by phone, video conferencing (if desired) and by email!  The whole process can be completed in a matter of days!

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Business Acquisition and Sales

Are you trying to buy an existing business?  Don’t let your good money go to waste.  Let an experienced small business lawyer help protect your interests and guide you through the process.  Mark A. Bross, Ph.D., Esq. can help you with any of the following activities that part of the process buying a business:

  • Negotiating and drafting a Letter of Intent to Acquire a Business;
  • Conducting the due diligence process to help you obtain important information about the business you are buying;
  • Drafting a purchase and sale agreement for the business;
  • Obtaining any necessary licenses or permits;
  • Setting up a new entity to operating the business;
  • Drafting employee contracts for any employee that is staying on with the business;
  • Conducting the closing to make sure that

Bross Law, LLC offers affordable flat rates or hourly rates for these services. Contact us now for your free initial consultation! All business acquisition services are completely remote and can be discussed by phone, video conferencing (if desired) and by email! 


Bross Law, LLC can help in the following areas: Business Formation & Sales, Contracts, Employment Issues, Intellectual Property, Business Disputes, and Other. To find out more about how the firm can help you, please click on the practice area links below or contact us.